Dan Walter

Dan Walter Owner
Energy Efficient Solutions

“I'd already earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from LeTourneau University, but after about three years sitting behind a desk designing construction equipment, I knew I wanted to run my own business. Energy efficiency is something I’ve always been interested in, so it made sense when I was looking for a business idea.

“Although we offer several products and services that reduce energy usage, air conditioning is a big part of our business. I took all of the air conditioning courses because I wanted to further my knowledge in the field.

The best part of my experience was interacting with the faculty; they were just so knowledgeable. David Eishen (now retired) was the biggest reason I joined the program; he really got me involved in the Green Building Institute.

“I would recommend this program because it gives you a good background in air conditioning. Probably 70% of technicians out there don’t have a good idea of how air conditioning works. They’re taught what to do to make systems work, but they don’t have real understanding of what they’re doing.

“If you want to start your own business, do what you’re passionate about, and you’ll probably be successful.”

Dan Walter earned a Residential - Technician III certificate. He is certified by the International Code Council (ICC) to perform both plan reviews and inspections on residential buildings.

His company, Duncanville-based Energy Efficient Solutions
, offers services that include energy audits and duct testing in addition to International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) compliance. He has also taught courses as an adjunct instructor at the Residential Building Performance Technology program.​