Ivory L. Armstead

Program Coordinator and Instructor

Cedar Valley

Ivory Armstead earned an associate degree in Residential Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology from Cedar Valley ​and holds a Texas Air Conditioning Contractors License. He taught as an adjunct instructor in the program for five years before becoming a full-time instructor in 2007 and served on the college’s advisory board for Residential Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology for 16 years.

Armstead owns and operates Total Air System Services Co. of Dallas. He has 10 years of experience in test and balance with Professional Balancing Services Co. Inc. (Pebsco) as a field technician. He was also a project manager for Pebsco trained in testing, adjusting, balancing and startup of commercial air handling equipment (direct exchange and hydronics systems), pneumatics and direct digital control system verification, clean rooms, hospital systems and negative pressure systems.

He met the requirements to be a Certified Test and Balance Engineer with the Associated Air Balance Council, an international certification, while working for Pebsco. He also holds U.S. Environmental Protection Agency certification.