Sarah Martinez

Hilton Dallas/Park Cities

"I can't remember s​pecific classes or teachers, but I do remember an overwhelming sense of pride and confidence from all the instructors that taught in this program. I knew I was learning from true industry leaders with passion and firsthand knowledge of what they were teaching. It definitely made me develop a yearning to be an expert of my very own in this amazing industry."

"This program definitely made me feel inclusive and opens its doors to all walks of life to an industry that otherwise I would have never experienced or found on my own.  I love hospitality because your experience matters here and is valuable, continues to keep human interaction as the basis of its foundation."

"I would tell people going through the program to take risks and try as many positions in this field. You never know when you may find your niche."

Sarah Martinez earned her associate in Travel, Exposition and Meeting Management from Richland ​in 2009. She then went on to earn her bachelor's in General Business from the University of North Texas. Currently, Sarah is the Director of Rooms at Hilton Dallas/Park Cities.