Hospitality, Exhibitions and Event Management at Richland

​Richland offers a comprehensive program for starting a career in the Hospitality, Travel, Exhibitions and Event Management industry.​ Upon graduation, students find jobs in the industry or continue their education at the university level.

The goal of hospitality professionals is to ensure that their guests have a positive experience whether they're traveling for business or leisure. Event/meeting and exhibition managers plan, produce and manage meetings, events and exhibitions that bring people together for a common purpose. Is the hospitality, travel, exhibitions and event management industry right for you? Find out by taking this short survey.

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Advisory Board and Association with Industry Organizations
View a list of respected local industry professionals' counsels and industry organizations engaged with our program.


HEEM Information Sessions
HEEM information sessions provide details on careers related to the tourism and hospitality industry.


The HEEM Experience
The HEEM program provides students with extracurricular opportunities that enhance their experience through leadership, hands-on learning and networking.


Developing Skills for Success
Learn about the HEEM Mentor Program and the HEEM Club, which provides students with extracurricular opportunities.


Education After HEEM Program
See the list of regional, national and international schools where you can continue your education after completing Richland's HEEM program.


Student Travel Fund and Scholarship Opportunities
Learn about the Joe Cortina HEEM Student Travel and Professional Development Fund and other scholarship opportunities.


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