Julian Martinez

Cardiac Sonography student, El Centro

“I took the Health Professions Readiness courses in order to apply to the El Centro Cardiac Sonography program. The best part of taking these courses is that they were all geared to give us a great foundation of knowledge and experience to help us in the health professions career of our choice.  

“Some of the information we learned included first aid training, general information of the common diseases and conditions people acquire, how to perform a complete physical examination and many more things. Everything we learned in these courses are things that we can and will be using once we are in the workforce, so these courses have really helped me feel more confident in my journey of joining the health professions world in the near future. 

“My professors in Health Profession Readiness courses were all very helpful and ready to help me actually learn the information and not just memorize it. The professors at El Centro ​are willing to put in the work and effort to help their students pass their courses and get closer to completing their degree. Because of this, I would recommend this Health Professions Readiness program to any person looking to pursue a degree in the health field. These courses are going to not only give you the information you need to learn, but they will also give you hands-on experience that will help you really get a feel of how a health professions career will be.”