Adam Carpenter

Medical Laboratory Technology student, El Centro

“I have always been fascinated with the field of science ever since I was a little kid. After completing my associate degree in science, there was still one question to answer: 'What do you want to do in science?' As broad as the science field is, it was difficult to select an area that would best fit my interests. I felt like the options were weighing down on me but that I had to rush into a career decision.  

“After attending other universities, I felt like their programs were not going to prepare me for the challenges of the medical world. Through the many hours of researching and testimonials from medical professionals, I decided to give El Centro a chance. After a few classes, the Medical Lab Technology program captured my attention. El Centro has prepared me for the next step more than I can comprehend.  

“The HPR program has shown me that confidence, diligence, perseverance, a caring heart and very strong knowledge are what is needed for a medical professional. The best part of the classes was the hands-on training that the program provided. Instead of learning just by lectures, it was easier to remember and to fully comprehend the correct medical procedures like drawing blood, correctly calculating blood pressure and many others.  

“Among the many things that I've learned, this program has taught me that a medical professional plays a very vital role when disasters arise in mere seconds. You can save someone's life because of the knowledge you've obtained. Knowing that I will be saving lives in the future and having skills obtained through practice give me the determination to be the best that I can be in my field.  

“I would like to give credit where it is rightfully due, to the professors at El Centro. They have the experience, personality, determination, love for their fields of study and most importantly the desire to help their students succeed. They give students insight into what is expected for them to know and what is ahead of them in their chosen fields. And they make it fun to learn.  

“Future health care program students, if you are searching for a college to help you get started and ready for your bright future, I personally recommend Dallas C​ollege. To be honest, it is a lot to take on — but with diligence, patience, determination, and lots of hours of studying, you can be successful in anything that you do.”