Mike Singleton

Student Assistant
Interactive Simulation and Game Technology

“Several things interested me in Richland’s game design program. First and foremost was the evident drive and dedication to excellence exhibited by Professor Jeremy Roden and his students, as well as the tools and training that the program offered for learning everything from programming to content creation.

“Throughout my involvement in the program, I’ve been impressed by the level of camaraderie displayed by my classmates in their constant efforts to improve both their own skills and the program as a whole. One of the most beneficial parts of the program is its opportunities for student leadership. Personal projects and goals are encouraged alongside assigned coursework, and our instructors are eager to help guide us through theory and software.

“Everything in my experience so far leads me to enthusiastically encourage other students to join the program. I’ve been working as a student assistant for Professor Roden and am looking forward to finishing my bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas at Dallas before pursuing a career in the games industry.”