James C. Woodall

​Quality Assurance Director and Graphics Artist
Blind Mind Studios  

“Richland’s Game Design program initially attracted me by its low tuition cost and goal of preparing students to enter the gaming industry. I had been preparing on my own to enter the industry for several years, but my skills had not yet been tested — Richland gave me the opportunity.

“The Game Design program has provided me great opportunities. I’ve been able to grow my network of contacts with introductions to industry professionals and get exclusive access to behind-the-scenes development at a major studio, as well as get good job opportunities.

“I would recommend this program for students wanting to rub shoulders with industry giants, those who hunger to develop professional games, and those who are curious about whether their skill-set fits with the gaming industry.”

James Woodall is earning an associate degree in Interactive Simulation and Game Technology at Richland​, specializing in the technical side of game development. In his position as quality assurance director and graphics artist at Blind Mind Studios, he has input on game developments. He also coordinates and organizes all dedicated beta testers so that areas that are stalling production are thoroughly tested in a seamless fashion to provide feedback to asset creators and programmers involved with those problems. He serves as the lead director of the SpaceBuild Enhancement Project, a mod for Garrysmod.