Jerel Gouldborne

Game Design Student

“The Game Design program at Richland has been one of the best experiences in my life. I have always loved video games and have been interested in making them ever since I can remember. The best part of this program is definitely the work environment and getting to use so many beautiful programs such as XSI and ZBrush.

“I’ve learned so much in the past two years at Richland and am glad that I chose this school. The most important thing I’ve learned here is how hard you have to work to get into the industry and what tools I will need to use to pursue a career.

“The quality of teaching, the expensive interactive tools and the low tuition are more than enough for any student looking for a good starting point in this career. I would definitely recommend this program and school to any other students out there looking for a career in game technology.”

Jerel Gouldborne is completing an associate degree in Interactive Simulation and Game Technology at Richland​. As animation lead in the Project Development class, he is responsible for modeling and animating organic objects such as humans, animals, machines — or anything that moves.