Ibrahim Taleb

Game Design Student

“I always knew I wanted to go into game design, and I’d been looking at different programs on the Internet and talking to friends about what kind of education to get. I don’t want to say I’m a game fanatic, but I guess I’m a game fanatic. I’m constantly looking at websites for new software and hardware, and I really​ follow the industry and try not to miss anything.

“This industry is so huge and I still have so much to learn that I’m not able to say what I want to specialize in or where I’ll end up. I like level design a lot, and character modeling would be cool. It’s incredible to be able to create assets from scratch and make a 3-D image.

“Every professor in this program can really talk about the software we’re learning. I wouldn’t be so interested in my classes if they weren’t so good. I’m the kind of person who wants actual time using the software, and Dan Dao will show you how to do something and not just talk about it. All of the professors here are really, really helpful — they take the time to help you even when you’re not in class at the time.

“My dream job would be to work for Electronic Arts (EA), the biggest company in the gaming industry. You’d think they’re looking for a lot of people, but they only hire people who really have the skills.

“I would recommend this program because a lot of people come to college to study something like business, where they think they’ll make money, but not everybody has a chance to really follow their dream career like I’m doing. The money part is good, but it’s not what really matters to me. It will be rewarding doing a job I love and creating something that people really appreciate.”

Ibrahim Taleb, a graduate of Adamson High School in Dallas, is working toward an associate degree in Interactive Simulation and Game Technology at Richland​.