Kimberly Brock-Brown

Owner/Executive Chef, Culinary Concepts, LLC, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

“The instruction I received at El Centro was always interesting and true to life. Classroom instruction was an outstanding complement to the real-world, hands-on experience I received during my apprenticeship always having a frame of reference to use when I was at work. I tried to take advantage as best I could of the knowledge and experience of my teachers. That experience helped me when I was an adjunct professor, modeling myself after the instructors I had at El Centro. I have always told my co-workers that I was happy with the education I got in my apprenticeship. I had no student loans and was ahead of the curve with the hands-on knowledge and book work that I was doing.” 

Kimberly has served as owner and executive chef for Culinary Concepts in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, since 2010. Business activities include catering, consulting, demonstrations, public speaking, judging competitions, personal chefs, specialty cakes and pastry. She has worked in hospitals and hotels across the Southeast since earning her associate degree from El Centro in 1984.