Janice Provost

Owner/Executive Chef, Parigi

“I was attending El Centro when I was hired to work at Parigi, and three years later I bought the restaurant! In addition to my passion for cooking, I am dedicated to the education of future generations interested in the culinary arts. That is why I created the Parigi Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships to students from the Food and Hospitality Institute. I am very active in several other organizations, including the Greater Dallas Restaurant Association, Les Dames d’Escoffier, Café Momentum, Latat Girls Residential Treatment Center, Promise of Peace Community Garden, Dallas Farmers Market Friends and Chefs for Farmers. Building a sustainable future through education, mentorship and community is what I hope to achieve.

“El Centro taught me things I use every day. From the basics of the mother sauces to conversions of recipes, the classes gave me real, usable information that allows me to create menus with balanced flavors and execute dishes with confidence. The Parigi Scholarship Endowment Fund is a way for me to show my appreciation for the school that taught me so much.”

Janice was hired to work at Parigi while a culinary student at El Centro​, and three years later she bought the neighborhood bistro on Oak Lawn. Janice and fellow chef Chad Houser also co-founded Café Momentum, a Dallas-based nonprofit restaurant and culinary training facility for at-risk youth. Café Momentum partners with Dallas County Youth Village and the Dallas County Juvenile Justice Department to teach adolescent men and women that it is possible to break the cycle of violence and crime that many have faced.

Parigi is located at 3311 Oak Lawn Ave., 214-521-0295.