Faculty Bios

F​ull-Time Faculty


Steve DeShazo


Cindy Bozzelli-Duke

Computer Lab Coordinator

Swee Hua Goh

Service Team Leader

Bill Hodges

Bakery/Pastry Team Leader

Sheila Hyde


Jim Knifong

Culinary Arts Instructor/Apprenticeship Coordinator

Chris LaLonde

Culinary Arts Team Leader

Anne Macdonald

Bakery/Pastry Instructor

Staff/Adjunct Faculty

Pat Bullard - Computer Lab Instructor

Chad Burnett - Adjunct Culinary Arts Instructor

Julia Crowell - Adjunct Bakery/Pastry Instructor

Elmer Gutierrez - Adjunct Bakery/Pastry Instructor

Chris Miller - Adjunct Bakery/Pastry Instructor

Frank Pfannenstiel - Adjunct Food and Hospitality Management Instructor

Jackie Preston - Purchasing Coordinator

Jeff Siegel - Adjunct Food and Hospitality Management Instructor

Jeff Tarver - Adjunct Food and Hospitality Management Instructor

Jerry Walker - Adjunct Food and Hospitality Management Instructor