ESOL Intensive Learning Community (ILC)

The ILC offers classes in a unique learning community environment. These classes are ideal for students who want to learn English over a shorter period of time and who are able to dedicate four hours or more to classes and two hours or more to studying each day.

The ESOL subjects are taught in connection to each other: Reading, Writing and Grammar.


  • Students learn skill areas.
  • Option to complete two levels in one semester of study.
  • Dedicated instructors who provide students with individual attention.
  • Participation in a close community of learners who complete the level together.
  • Full use of the resources available at Richland.

All instructors are experienced in teaching ESOL and are specially trained in cooperative learning.

Advanced ILC

Advanced ILC students enroll in Level Three and Four Writing and Grammar classes and Level Four Reading classes. At the end of the semester, students are able to write academic essays, including research papers; read novels and college-level textbooks; and understand and participate in college-level classroom lectures and discussions.

Bridge ILC

Upon successful completion of Level Four classes, students continue directly into two college-level classes for the second eight weeks of the semester: Engli​sh 1301 (composition), Speech 1311 or Education 1300.


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