Credit ESOL Courses

The Credit ESOL Program is designed to prepare non-native speakers of English to take college-level courses in the U.S. The program consists of 16 main courses (four levels each of four different skills) plus four supplemental skill development courses.

​ ​
WritingGrammarSupplemental Skill Development
1Listening/Speaking 1Reading 1Writing 1Grammar 1Listening/Speaking
2Listening/Speaking 2Reading 2Writing 2Grammar 2Grammar
3Listening/Speaking 3Reading 3Writing 3Grammar 3Writing
4Listening/Speaking 4Reading 4Writing 4Grammar 4Reading


New students are placed into an appropriate starting level based on the results of a placement test given here at Brookhaven.

Credit ESOL Versus Developmental Reading and Writing

The Credit ESOL Program has some similarities to the Developmental Reading and Writing programs:

  • The purpose of both Credit ESOL and Developmental Reading and Writing is to prepare students for college-level work.
  • Both Credit ESOL courses and Developmental Reading and Writing courses bear developmental (i.e., nontransferable) credit.
However, the Credit ESOL Program differs from Developmental Reading and Writing in important ways:

  • The program is designed to meet the needs of non-native speakers of English. (Developmental Reading and Writing, on the other hand, is designed for native English speakers.)
  • The program focuses on all four communication skill areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing. (In contrast, Developmental Reading and Writing focuses just on reading and writing.)
  • The program gives sustained attention to grammar and vocabulary. (Developmental Reading and Writing devotes less attention to these areas.)

How To E​nter the Credit ESOL Program

If you are interested in entering the program, contact the Brookhaven Multicultural Center by calling 972-860-4192 or emailing The Brookhaven Multicultural Center is located in the Student Services Center, Building S, Room S-136.