Eric Buluku

Manufacturing Test Specialist

Texas Instruments  

“I came to the U.S. from Kenya in 2004 to pursue higher education. I had learned a lot of electronics through working at an electronics repair shop in Nairobi and had already earned a degree, though not in electronics.

“I had some of the knowledge, but almost none of the theory, so this program is really lined up everything for me. There are problems I used to find and sometimes I could fix them, but it’s only now that I really understand why they work, not just how.

“My experience in this program was wonderful. The labs were excellent, and you got down to details in everything that you did. My job goal at Texas Instruments is to go into equipment engineering, and you need an associate degree for that. I got a double degree in Electronics Technology and Semiconductor Manufacturing.

“Basically, almost everything I learned at Richland will apply to the job that I want to advance to. The professors are quite experienced in their fields, and they’ve all had job experience in their various areas. 

“My previous experience in electronics got me a job at TI, but having an associate degree will allow me to advance in my career.”

Eric Buluku earned concurrent associate degrees in Engineering Technology-Electronics and Semiconductor Manufacturing​.

A TI employee since 2005, Eric works as a manufacturing test specialist, performing diagnostic tests to separate good from bad electronic circuits in silicon wafers.