Brian Singleton

Inside Sales Representative
Summit Controls Inc.

“I had taken a few community college courses in Virginia, where I moved from, but hadn’t earned a degree. I was always interested in electronics and taking things apart to see how they work, so I decided to see where that would take me professionally.

“I chose Dallas College because it offered the right combination of affordability, location and a degree plan I was interested in. It took me about three years to earn my associate degree because I was also working full time and supporting a family.

“The best part about this​ program was learning from instructors with real hands-on industry experience. Bill Slonecker is a huge advocate for the program in the community too. When I finished my associate degree, former Richland professor Brent Donham helped me find my first position with Principal Technology Engineering, where I worked for four and a half years and was promoted from technician to production manager. I was already involved in some sales activities there, so the progression to all sales was a natural one for me.

“On the job, I apply almost everything I learned in the program. I wouldn’t be where I am today without that broad spectrum of knowledge. That I could get out of college without a mountain of debt and go to school close to home really made a difference too.

“To succeed in this field, you have to commit yourself to never stop learning, and you have to be able to work outside your comfort zone and learn new skill sets on the fly. You have to be OK with all of that because you will be challenged with something new every day.

“I would recommend Richland’s program not just for the affordability but for the instruction. No matter what stage you’re at in life, it’s a great program for anybody.”

Brian Singleton earned an associate degree in Engineering Technology - Electronics at Richland​. In his current job, he provides technical sales support at Plano-based Summit Controls Inc., where he is Summit’s inside sales representative for the Masoneilan Control Valve line. Summit Controls, now owned by Vector Controls and Automation Group, represents manufacturers of industrial process instrumentation and controls from around the world to clients in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.