Maggie Brosowske, EMT-P, FF

McKinney Fire Department

“I always wanted to be a firefighter. My uncle was a firefighter/paramedic in Chicago, and I always really wanted to be one too. I actually started out in the nursing program at Midwestern State University, but what I really wanted to be was a paramedic. I had already earned my EMT-basic certificate at another community college and a certificate at North Texas Fire Academy when I earned earn my Paramedic certificate at Dallas College.

“The program overprepared me, if that’s possible, for the registry exam. Richard Campbell’s tests were so hard that when I took the National Registry test (for paramedic certification), it was actually easier than one of Richard’s tests!

“The best part of the program was how close you get to your classmates because you’re with them almost a year. Everybody is so supportive because we have the common goal of becoming a paramedic. The most important thing is to have determination, though that’s a hard thing to teach. But at Dallas College​, we had such difficult tests that it made us determined to pass each one and work even harder.

“The skills that I learned in the classroom, I use in the workplace all of the time. I’m the only female on my shift and one of only three female firefighter/paramedics in McKinney, but as long as I can pull my own weight, I’m fine. 

“Since I’m only 5' 5" tall and 120 pounds, people thought maybe because I am smaller than your average paramedic I wouldn’t be able to pass the physical agility requirements. But if you want something badly enough, you can do it. I’m fit and strong, and I know I can do my job. The guys are all just like my big brothers — they have my back, and I have theirs.”

Maggie Brosowske, a firefighter/paramedic with the McKinney Fire Department, earned her Paramedic Certificate in July 2006.