Education Courses and Teaching Degrees at Mountain View

​The Mountain View Teacher Preparation Program serves students who want to become certified K-12 teachers.

Mountain View offers an assortment of associate degrees in teaching to assist students with a seamless transfer to a four-year college. We offer degrees that lead to teacher certification in Early Childhood, grades 4–8, grades 8–12 Math, grades 8–12 Speech, grades 8–12 Foreign Language and Bilingual Education. Mountain View has transfer agreements with the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas Woman's University, the University of North Texas and Stephen F. Austin State University. Mountain View students also have the unique opportunity to experience hands-on training in the model classroom (Room W-280) provided by a Title V grant.​

The Teacher Preparation office, located in Room W-256, offers a variety of services to students in the program, including academic advising, degree plan filing, course registration, graduation services and transfer and financial aid information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Teacher Preparation and Alternative Certification?

Mountain View's Teacher Preparation courses are for college credit and count toward an associate and/or bachelor's degree. The Alternative Certification program is designed for individuals who have already earned a bachelor's degree and have decided to pursue teaching.

What is the difference between taking the Accuplacer and taking the THEA?

The Accuplacer and/or the THEA are used to place students in classes at Mountain View, but you most likely will need to take the THEA to be placed in classes at a university. Check with the university that you are interested in to get more information. 

What is the model classroom used for?

The model classroom serves many purposes. Teacher Preparation students use the room to plan and prepare lessons, to practice teaching and as a resource center. In addition, Mountain View students are able to observe certified teachers instructing K–6 students when school groups travel to our campus for field trips. The model classroom is also used for workshops and training sessions for Mountain View students and others in the community.

Do I have to complete a criminal background check before I enroll for a CDEC, TECA or EDUC class?

No. In general, you can complete the background check after the class starts.