Naeem Wyne

Naeem Wyne

Director Creative
Wyne Productions
Lahore, Pakistan

“A meeting with the program supervisor, David Danforth interested me in the Digital Media program. Eastfield provided me with my first formal education in the field of design, and overall it was a great educational, social and practical experience.

“The Associate in Applied Sciences degree in Digital Media and Digital Photography Certificate are two awards designed in such a great manner that they can be simultaneously a launching pad for a person new to the field and a refresher course for the professional already working in the field. High school graduates can get an introduction and strong foundation studies in digital media and photography. Professionals already working in the field can come to these courses to update themselves with cutting-edge technologies and trends.

“As an international student, Eastfield was a home away from home for me. School has provided me with a great deal of guidance and encouragement, as well as opportunities to prove my learning and appreciation of my talents. It was here that I got an opportunity to come close to many cultures. From this great experience I realized that under a few thin layers of different cultural, religious and political associations, human beings are very similar.”

Naeem Wyne is the director creative* for Wyne Productions in Lahore, Pakistan. Previously he worked as lead designer for the team to develop Pakistan’s first online university and is also the designer of the country’s first online legal portal. He analyzes design, photography and TV/ film jobs and serves as director, art director and content manager. Wyne Productions has design clientele in nine countries and across four continents.

Naeem earned an associate degree in Digital Media Technology and a Digital Photography Certificate from Eastfield and also holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature and philosophy from University of the Punjab in Lahore, Pakistan. While attending Richland, he produced a film documentary on the lives of international students at Richland.

In Pakistan, he has also produced film documentaries on the country’s underground rock band scene. He is currently working on the documentary “Dying Infant,” addressing problems of his country’s relatively young but dying film industry due to various social and economic factors and proposing possible solutions to revive it.

*The title “director creative” is used in south Asia to denote the director who leads a team of creative staff and departments within an organization, as Naeem directs a team of writers, designers, artists, art directors and other staff in his company. In Pakistan, the title “creative director” would more commonly refer to a person who occupies the position of copywriter in an advertising agency.