Miguel Ardito

Miguel Ardito

Contract Production Artist
Frog Street Press Inc.

“At a previous job, I was the manager of the sc​anning department for a litigation support company where I had many hats to wear. One was to create promotional flyers for our trial board department, which I also ran. My boss showed me the basics of using the Adobe software to create the materials, but this only stimulated my curiosity.

“I wanted to know more about digital media, so I looked into finding more about it at Eastfield. I talked to a few counselors and then met David Danforth, the program coordinator of the Digital Media program. He told me that the program would teach me a lot about graphic design and pre-press. Considering my current position at a print shop, I liked the idea of having graphic design as a base for my education.

“I really enjoyed the program because I was able to do a lot of my classes self-paced at school in the labs and at home. Learning the software does take time, and I can honestly say I still have trouble trying to find certain things, but the more you familiarize yourself with the software you use, it becomes more of a habit than a pain.

“One thing I’m glad David really pushed was using a Mac, because the majority of companies in the industry are Mac-based. I had never used one before, but now I work on one every day. It is a blessing knowing two different systems and how they work. He also helped me get an internship working for the Environmental Protection Agency in Dallas.

“The program is a great experience, and if you stick with it, it can change your life. I graduated in May of 2009 and sent out about 300 résumés before someone responded, but with the experience, I will receive working at Frog Street Press, it will open up a whole lot of doors. As for advice about classes, I’d have to say when you take Pre-Press with Frazier, just listen to what he says, and you’re sure to pass his class!”

Miguel Ardito earned an associate degree in Digital Media Technology from Eastfield​. He was hired as a contract worker for Frog Street Press to help with their Texas Adoption Program pre-K curriculum. He works in the company’s pre-press department as a production artist laying out copy and images books for children through pre-kindergarten age.