Becky Erdek

Becky Erdek

Kreative Images Photography

“I enjoyed photography as a hobby long before it became my business. My dad put a camera in my hands when I was little. Years of traveling — first in my job as a flight attendant and then when my family lived in Saudi Arabia for eight years — honed my photography interests and skills. Then, when my youngest child started elementary school, I decided to go back to school after years of being a stay-at-home mom.

“I was really excited about taking courses in something that interested me. All of the courses that I took and the projects that were assigned were actually beneficial since the lessons apply to the real-world photography business. The group projects allowed us to interact and learn from each other. The courses provided all of the basic skills that I use every day.

“The co-op program is what actually gave me the opportunity to get my own business started. My first independent job was to take pictures for a local soccer organization. I put my educational skills and prior experience to work, and the whole league was really pleased with their pictures, my performance and the exceptional service I offered. From there, my career took off. Since that first season, I have taken many family pictures, sports pictures and publicity photos, just to name a few.

“The most important things I learned were the various techniques of the camera and lighting, and the practical use of the computer to manipulate photos. All of the principles that I developed at Eastfield are used every day in the photography industry. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in learning about photography.”

Becky Erdek earned a certificate in Digital Media Technology — Digital Photography from Eastfield​.