Laila Akel

​Web Designer
Crosstown Traders

“I knew I wanted to go into Web design; I like anything having to do with digital art. After graduating from high school, though, I traveled for a year in North Africa and worked for a year before starting the Computer Graphics program.

“I just loved the environment and had a lot of fun while learning. I learned how to use all of the programs and how to channel what I learned about design into developing my own style. Bill Crawford and Kim Grable were especially helpful.

“The best part was how easy it was to communicate with the professors and get access to everything I needed. I would definitely encourage students wanting an education in computer graphics to enroll in this program. It’s a good curriculum and a friendly environment.”

Laila Akel lives and works in Tucson, Ariz., where she designs and updates the look of the Web site of Crosstown Traders, an online store. She earned an associate degree in Computer Graphics in 2003 and plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Web design at the University of Arizona.