Andrew Phinisee



Well, my major is computer graphics, which kind of jus​t translates to graphic design.

And, I pretty much kind of chose it because it was one of the venues I figure I can make money, somewhere doing something like artistically inclined.

Because like, that's me personally.

I want to be able to create things and kind of bring things to fruition like that.

I would definitely like to do typography and stuff for like, graphic design for advertising and magazines, package design.

I would kind of like to be able to take what I learned from graphic design, Photoshop Adobe Illustrator, working stuff like that, and seeing how I can apply it into the fine arts.

Because I'm someone who really appreciates the fine arts.

The technology was there and it's something that I, just kind of naturally was inclined to want to get ahold of.

I'm someone who, like wants to be able to get attached to certain things that I find out.

Like anything that's particularly new, I want to tinker with it and mess with it and see what I can basically create with it.

My mom kind of encouraged a lot of that when I was younger because she was like a fine artist herself and she kind of dabbled in photography.

She was a major in photography over at uh, UT Arlington.

She kind of saw some stuff that I would do and she told me, she would always tell me, that she saw my stuff and was like, hmmm, this can kind of go somewhere.

She kind of just coached me into wanting to create.

I wanted to go to Dallas College first because I've been through downtown a lot, there's a lot of interesting people here and it's close to Deep Ellum.

And then it's like a really nice art, metroplex I guess you could call it.

They've got some of the friendliest teachers that I've seen in the program that I've seen.

Like Mr. Rodriguez who does Photoshop and Omar who does digital art.

He's one of the people that I've got the pleasure of meeting while going here and it's like one of the best experiences going there because it's like a really face to face, you can really get to be right incline with these teachers together, and they do a wonderful job of like, coaching you.

They really, you really feel like they actually care about your future.

And you really feel like they actually care about how you're getting a skill.

They want to be able to nurture and build a skill from you.

And it's, it's a really closely-knit community.

Right now I'm kind of doing 3D design, sculpture and Photoshop.

I'm in my first Photoshop.

And in those classes, I would start off with sculpture.

I'm kind of learning how to take, well, 3D design, too.

I'm taking, like, three-dimensional stuff or two-dimensional and going to three-dimensional and kind of working with that idea of how I can make certain things tangible like that, certain two-dimensional things work.

And then Photoshop's kind of the backward.

It's kind of, do you do dealing mostly with three-dimensional ideas, for me, and going back into two-dimension - how I can make sense of them, how I can make sense of certain angular properties, color palette wise and stuff like that.

I always meet some of the most interesting people, that I will probably ever come into contact with.

As of right now. You've got people of so many different ethnicities, and backgrounds and cultural mind frames.

There's a whole bunch of different, like, ideas around in college.

I guess that's just like, I really guess that's a part of college in a sense.

But it's like, it's on emphasis right now I guess into the community because it's cool to see that these people actually live around you and you can kind of like just go visit them at some point in time, whenever.