Developmental Reading

How will developmental reading help you?
You will:

  • Develop strategies for independent learning.
  • Make the connection that reading is essential and necessary in your academic, personal and professional life.
  • Save time and energy when reading college-level textbooks.

What will you learn in developmental reading classes?
Each level of developmental reading offers a high degree of skills mastery in the following:

  • Specialized college-level vocabulary.
  • Reading comprehension.
  • Annotation of textbook chapters.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Test-taking strategies.


Why do I have to take a developmental reading course?
Your placement scores indicate that a developmental reading course is necessary.

How will a developmental reading course help me?
A developmental reading course will help you become better prepared and equipped with the skills and strategies necessary for reading college-level material. These courses help students understand the tools necessary for college success.

Are textbooks required for developmental reading courses?
Yes. Each level of developmental reading has a required textbook. The textbook is an essential resource for your success in these courses.

What college courses will involve a lot of reading?
Most college courses will involve heavy reading, such as biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, government, history and others. Students who develop strong skills and strategies for reading and interpreting difficult vocabulary and concepts are better equipped to successfully complete these courses.

Do I receive college credit for taking a developmental reading course?
While developmental reading courses carry institutional credit, this credit does not count toward a degree or for transfer. However, the courses do count toward status as a full-time student for financial aid purposes.