Developmental Mathematics at Richland

​​​​​​​​The Developmental Mathematics program at Richland is a nationally-recognized program that offers students basic mathematical literacy skills to live more functionally and participate successfully in college-level mathematics curricula.

The Center for Success in Mathematics offers students assistance with homework, test preparation, test result review, refining study skills and referrals to other campus services.

Each developmental m​ath course is presented in different instructional modes. You should select a mode that is appropriate for your learning styl​e.

This is not a traditional lecture class. In developmental math classes taught in lab mode, you will read and work through the course materials in your textbook and then complete homework assignments through MyMathLab, a web-based, online course software, on your own. You will receive individual assistance from your instructor as needed. Homework problems are designed to prepare you for tests. You have access to a multimedia textbook with links to learning aids, such as animations, videos and other lesson demonstrations. The learning aids will provide you with active learning at your own pace. Although you will work on the course material and take tests at your own pace, classroom attendance is required. In order to complete the course, other required progress standards will apply (your instructor will supply you with a syllabus and other pacing material.) If you need extra help, you may attend other lab sections of developmental math in addition to your own. You may not make up absences by attending another lab section. Since this mode of instruction allows you to work through the course materials at your own pace, it is possible to complete one level of developmental math and begin the next level. Students are able to complete two levels in one semester. The textbook and access code for the use of the courseware are available from the campus bookstore. Students enrolled in some lab classes are required to have a TI-84 graphing calculator.

Choose the laboratory-based (lab) mode if you:

  • Only need a review of the material.
  • Are self-motivated and work well on your own.
  • Want to complete more than one level of developmental math in one semester.
  • Enjoy using computers.

This is not a traditional lecture class. Instruction in this mode is delivered through your home computer or any remote computer. You must also have access to an internet service provider (ISP). This is an excellent mode of instruction for students who are unable to attend class at regularly scheduled times during the week. An initial on-campus student orientation session is required prior to the start of the class. Online quizzes could be required, and homework may be required to be faxed or sent electronically to your instructor. Communication with your instructor is essential and easy through email. You must take major exams at one of the testing centers located on the Dallas College campuses or at an approved proctored test site. The companion textbook and validation code for the use of the courseware are available at the Follett Bookstore located on the Richland campus. You may also purchase the code and textbook online at Follett's website. The license and textbook for one course may also be used in the next course if you take the second course within 12 months from when you started the first one.

Choose the distance learning-based (online) mode if you:

  • Prefer to learn at home or are unable to attend classes on campus.
  • Are self-motivated and learn well by working on your own.
  • Have good time management skills.
  • Are comfortable reading large amounts of information online.
  • Prefer to have the material presented rather than reviewing a textbook.
  • Need frequent self-checks for learning the material.
  • Have some technical skills.
  • Enjoy using computers.

All students enrolled in developmental math classes are encouraged to take advantage of the many resources available in the Learning Center (TLC) and the Center for Success in Mathematics (CSM) in Medina Hall, Room M-216. Students can receive one-on-one tutoring, sign-up for workshops, access web-based MyMathLab courseware and receive assistance on any mathematics topic at no charge. Ask your instructor for more information, or visit the information desk in Room M-216.