Leah K. Atinda

Student and hopeful future forensic accountant

“When I came to Richland, I planned to study Computer Information Technology, but once I met with an advisor and learned about Digital Forensics, I was ready to change my course. It has been a long journey full of challenges, success and learning experiences.

“As a full-time student, I have become more organized thanks to the demands of the Digital Forensics coursework, which consists mainly of hands-on labs with challenges to solve. You learn to create a method to solve problems, always being ready to research and learn new things. Each day when one lab is done, it is a success story because it is like a puzzle solved that will help you become better in the field.

“This is a program made for people who want to learn new things, create a methodology, keep records of what you have done and be able to repeat it to get the same results. I have learned a lot about how to re-create deleted or missing files from digital media, validate dates and logged-in authors or editors of documents, use forensic tools to analyze data and write reports that make it easy for people to understand computer jargon — among many other things.

“My greatest dream is to become a forensic accountant, and I am going to do all it takes to make this a success story.”

Leah Kerubo Atinda earned an associate degree in the Digital Forensics program at Richland ​in May 2011 and is examining her career options.