Lt. Kathy Mack

Campus Police Officer, Cedar Valley

“I always wanted to be in law enforcement, but I didn’t how to go about it. In my family, all the women were nurses or teachers. But I saw a TV commercial saying ‘It all begins here,’ and saw that Eastfield had a law enforcement academy. At that time, my three kids were in middle school and I was not only working as a surgical tech, but I was also doing full-time security work.

“My experience at Eastfield and in their law enforcement academy was awesome. Patrick Patterson told me when I was first starting out that he’d see me when I’d done my masters and I hadn’t even finished my associate degree yet. He believed in me right from the start — and I not only finished my associate degree, but earned my bachelor’s and am about to start my master’s!

“I love helping people. I get to speak to a lot of students and help maintain the safety and security of the campus. I can relate to the students — a lot of them are working parents like me and I see myself all over again. I feel I can really help the college community.

“Going back to school with work and a family isn’t easy, but it’s attainable. There were a few times when I wanted to give up, but then I’d get encouragement and keep going. You’re going to have obstacles but you have to fight for your goals.”

Lt. Kathy Mack has served as a member of the Cedar Valley campus police department since 2004. After working as a surgical technician for eight years, she earned an Associate Degree in Applied Sciences at Eastfield and completed her Basic Officer Peace Training at its Criminal Justice Training Center.

She also holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Tx. and is beginning a master’s degree in public administration at Texas A&M University-Commerce. Now in a supervisory position with the campus police, she holds Advanced Police Officer Certification and was named Cedar Valley’s Officer of the Year in 2009​.