Tony Hitt

Business process auditor and inspector for a Top 500 Company
Future hopeful home and energy inspector

“I was at a crossroads in my career and life, going back to school and moving from Texas to New York. I took individual construction classes for non-credit since what I needed is the knowledge, not the college credits.

“I’m looking to get into home and energy inspection and took some other courses in Cedar Valley’s Residential Building Performance program. There have been a lot of empty homes since the real estate market tanked, but someday that’s going to turn around and there will be a need for a lot of home inspections.

“I want to get more background in inspections so that when there’s the need for more work, I’ll be prepared. All of my Dallas College courses are about learning to make sure things are done properly. I already have a work background in machine work, electrical and HVAC, so this will give me another area of expertise. I’ve been happy with the instruction at North Lake. It’s hands-on, and we get to use the tools of the trade.

“I’m looking to be self-employed in the inspection business. After all of these houses have been sitting empty, mortgage companies are starting to focus on getting inspections to make sure there are no issues on their properties. I plan on reaping the benefits once the economy comes back, and that’s what I’m preparing for.”

Tony Hitt earned an associate degree in Machine Shop Technology, a former program of Mountain View. He took individual Construction Technology and Construction Management courses for non-​credit at North Lake's West Campus.