Keri L. Manuel

Project Planner

“I began at Dallas College in 2004, taking an Introduction to Construction course to get familiar with construction terminology because I had started a new job at MEDCO Construction. After the first course and my first few months in the construction industry, I was hooked.

The classes that followed were courses like Blueprint Reading and Estimating for Commercial Construction. These allowed me to advance into the assistant project manager position at Aguirre Corp, where I was working at the time. The classes Dallas College offers in its Construction Management program give the student practical, usable information that one can apply in the workplace.”

As a project planner working for AGC-Ausgroup, Keri L. Manuel is currently working on construction of the Pluto LNG natural gas plant, which will process gas from fields located in the remote Carnarvon Basin northwest of Karratha, Western Australia.​

Keri helps to create and maintain schedules in the project for repairing faulty insulation and incorrect coatings on pipes and vessels used in the processing of natural gas. She works with the quality control department to track progress and is responsible for reporting weekly progress and creating manpower forecasts and mobilization/demobilization plans. She also creates schedules and manpower forecasts for work being bid by AGC’s home office in Perth.

She worked as an assistant project planner for Aguirre Corp. while she was in North Lake’s Construction Management program and for JVIC as a project planner and cost analyst, working on various refineries and gas plants. She worked as a project planner in software development for State Farm Insurance before starting her current job in Australia.