Keith D. Hanspard

Construction Project Engineer
Andres Construction Services

“When I entered the construction industry in 2000, I knew that I wanted a decent-paying job, enough to support and provide for myself. I started off as a helper for a local mechanical subcontractor, but I still wanted something more. I enrolled in the welding trade program (at Construction Education Foundation), and after a few years, I obtained my certification in welding. As time progressed, I began to inquire about the Construction Management program offered through North Lake. My desire to learn and the dream of establishing myself within a promising career field (which I grew to love) is what motivated me not only to enroll in the program, but to complete it and earn my Associate in Applied Sciences degree.

“The one thing that I’ll always remember about being enrolled in North Lake’s Construction Management program is the amount of knowledge and applicable construction information a student could learn from the professors. All of my professors were construction professionals (i.e., architects, engineers, project managers, estimators, etc.). The professors I encountered were an excellent source to learn from since they dealt with what they were teaching on a day-to-day basis.

“Being exposed to such talented professors helped open my mind so that I could thrive, learn and experience all that I could about the construction industry. I feel that completing the program, along with a few years of actual field experience, played a significant part in helping me secure a position with a local, reputable, general contractor/construction management firm.

“Now I am proud to say that I am currently employed as a project engineer. I would strongly recommend to anyone interested in the construction industry to check into the Construction Management Program at North Lake. I can truly say that this program was very valuable to me and has helped me in my personal and professional goals.”

Keith D. Hanspard earned an associate degree in Construction Management and a certificate in Construction Technology at North Lake​. As a construction project engineer for Andres Construction Services, his daily tasks include processing submittals and monthly reports, subcontractor bid proposals, weekly meeting minutes, daily reports, subcontractor contracts, vendor purchase orders and resolving project-related issues. He holds Construction Education Foundation (CEF) industrial/construction welding certification and a CEF construction technology certificate.