Felipe Estrada

Project Engineer
Lasco Acoustics and Drywall Inc.

“All the knowledge I acquired during my professional education at Dallas College and Construction Education Foundation helped me and prepared me in the best possible way. The courses that I took at Dallas College gave me a great variety of tools and gave a solid foundation to my career. Thanks to the instructors’ and advisors’ professionalism, I have always stayed motivated and have gained great self-confidence. In addition, I will able to fulfill one more of my goals and will graduate with an associate degree in Construction Management. All of this knowledge has given me innumerable opportunities to advance in my career.”

As a project engineer for Lasco Acoustics and Drywall Inc., Felipe Estrada helps prepare jobs for construction by developing labor and material budgets, generating material purchasing reports, coordinating material stocking and preparing safety books. He also manages jobs during construction that include tracking labor budgets, changing orders, and taking care of billings and closeout jobs. He has been awarded a Student Recognition Certificate from North Lake ​and a Supervisory Training Program Certificate from Construction Education Foundation.