Frequently Asked Questions

​Answers to Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What information do I need to have available when I request assistance from the Communications Division office?
    1. Your name and student ID number.
    2. Your instructor’s name, if applicable.
    3. Your course and section number, if applicable.
    4. Your phone number and/or email address.
  2. Can I enroll in a class after registration ends? 
    After a class has met one time, you may not enroll. In order to transfer from one section to another, you must already be enrolled in that same course. 

  3. Can I transfer from one section to another section?
    You may transfer from one section to another only with the instructors’ and dean’s approval, and only if the class is not already full. First, pick up the “Lateral Transfer” form from the division office, and take it with you when you speak to the instructor of the class you want to move into. Secure both that instructor’s and your current instructor’s signatures on the form, and return it to the Communications Division office for the dean’s approval and signature. To be approved, you must provide an excellent reason for requesting a transfer. 

  4. Can I transfer laterally out of one semester’s class into the same class another semester?
    No. You must drop your current class as soon as possible in order to receive a refund, and then you must enroll in the class the following semester. 

  5. What do I need to do to appeal my grade? 
    First you must discuss the issue with your instructor. If the issue is not resolved, pick up a grade appeal form from the division office, Room L-367. Provide the dean with copies of all required items (copies will not be returned) as well as contact information (your email address, phone number, student ID number, your instructor’s name and your course and section). Allow at least six weeks for the division dean to review your work.

  6. Can I pick up a DREA or DWRI permission slip allowing me to register for next level classes in the Communications Division office?
    No. Only Monique Mannering, DREA lead faculty, and Selena Stewart-Alexander, DWRI lead faculty, and the classroom instructors can hand out permission slips for students to register for the next level. 

  7. My degree plan does not require ENGL 1302, and I need to take ENGL 23… Can I register for ENGL 23…?
    You must be able to prove that ENGL 1302 is not required for your degree plan in order to get permission to register in ENGL 23... To do this, you must provide the division dean with copies of your student identification card(s), official or unofficial transcripts and a copy of your degree plan.