Communications at Brookhaven

​​Taking communications classes at Brookhaven is an affordable way to get started on a path to a brighter future. Whether you’re taking classes to transfer to a four-year college or university, or for personal enrichment, our curriculum will give you the foundational skills you need.

To communicate is to express yourself and your ideas to others — in speech, in writing, in images. When you read — letters, literature, lyrics — you receive ideas from others, often over time and great distance. Communication is about relationships. Courses offered in the Communications Division help you develop and polish your skills.

We offer courses that meet Core Curriculum requirements, degree requirements, personal interests and more.

Core Curriculum Courses

  • Speech
  • Composition
  • American, British and World Literature

Skills Development Courses

  • Developmental Reading
  • Developmental Writing

Elective Courses

  • Photography
  • Creative and Technical Writing​

Studying the field of journalism can improve your writing, reporting and communication skills. Students enrolled in News Publications, News Writing and Media Writing will contribute work to the student-run newspaper, the Brookhaven Courier.