Craig Miles

Craig Miles
Founder and President,
Soundtrack Radio Promotions

“I’m originally from New Jersey, but when I knew I was going to move to Texas, I sought out Cedar Valley for its music program. I wanted not only to pursue my singing career but to learn the recording industry too.

“Working with Sam Germany was quite instrumental in coaching my voice. At Cedar Valley, I learned skills for improving my singing and performance quality, as well as the recording technology skills I needed to be an engineer in the industry.

“Part of what I do now is to listen to artists and help them change their presentation or music to make it their commercial best. I help musical artists understand the industry they’re getting into. The instruction I received at Cedar Valley helped me to learn how to review music, to train myself to listen critically so that I can give artists advice on how to improve their music’s marketability.

“Anyone can record music, but it’s another thing to achieve the quality you need to sell your music commercially. You want to make sure you articulate properly and have the correct vocal training so that when you go into the recording studio, your singing is of the quality you need to make the project work. There’s a lot of music in the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s sellable.

“Cedar Valley’s Commercial Music program gives you a well-rounded musical education that will carry you into your professional career.”

Craig Miles founded Soundtrack Radio Promotions, based in Allen, which markets independent gospel and contemporary Christian record labels. He took courses at Cedar Valley toward an associate degree in Recording Technology but left college to perform as a contemporary Christian recording artist throughout the Southwest for two years.

He has also been a radio promoter and for a while owned a digital recording studio, Studio of Praise, in DeSoto. He and his wife, Murline, have written a book called “Marketing Your Music,” which was revised for republication in 2008. Mr. Miles has also taken Web design classes at Richland ​to help promote his business on the Internet.