Valerie K. Estridge

Private Kindergarten Teacher

"I oversee the development, learning, and growth of the children in my classroom and connect their home lives to what we are learning about in class. I support and guide them emotionally and socially, using kindness, respects and others.

"I consistently assess my students, sometimes through observation, to better guide my teaching methods. I truly do my best to educate my students using experiences learned in the classroom as well as experiences as a parent.

"The best part of my Dallas College experience was connecting with my peers and professors. I value these relationships and partnerships and try to keep them alive. In a nutshell, the most important thing I learned at Dallas College was respect: respecting the path others choose to take for their lives; respecting someone's time when involved in a group project; respecting the hard work of professors, peers, and philosophers who are working just as hard as you and more. Most importantly, I've learned to respect the various stages of childhood and what comes along with each one."

"Many of the tasks assigned in my Dallas College ​classes applied to exactly what I do each and every day in the classroom where I teach."

Valerie K. Estridge earned an associate degree in Child Development in 2016 and a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Child Development from Texas Woman's University in 2017.