Coretta Williams

Instructional Associate
Children’s Laboratory School, Eastfield

“This is a good fit for me; I’ve always wanted to work with children, and I believe it’s my calling to work with youth of all ages. I’ve been working with kids since I was in high school and had an internship for seniors to work with kindergarteners.

“I really grew up here at Eastfield; it’s the only full-time job I’ve ever had. I started working here when my daughter was one, and now she’s 15 and about to start driving. I’ve not only grown on the job in my professional skills but it also really helped me with my parenting skills. My passion is to help change the lives of the next generation.

“I liked the fact that the program offers hands-on activities. When I went into the test classroom to teach, it better prepared me for the time when I had my own classroom. We were allowed to get up close and personal with parents and to develop the relationships we needed because we were working with their kids — preparing them for kindergarten, the next chapter in their lives. One thing I like about my job now is that I get the opportunity to help college students in the program, to help them when they’re struggling and to give them ideas, which I really enjoy.

“The best part of what I do is when I see the children in my classes gain a new concept when that light bulb goes off and they’ve ‘got it’ — I know that I’m doing what I’m supposed to and all’s well. Even if it’s been a crazy day, that one child learning something they didn’t know earlier makes it all worth it.

“My advice on entering this career field? Be open and receptive to new ideas, because the industry is constantly changing. Be patient and always look for and listen to new ideas. And finally, be creative and have fun.”

Corretta Williams earned an associate degree in Child Development from Eastfield ​in 1998 and began working there in 1997 while still in school.