Chemistry Department Video


Definitely, the biggest benefit of taking Chemistry at Richland... would be... the attention that you get. The personal attention that you get from your professors.

So, I know that at some big universities -- classes are so big that.. you don't get to have that one on one.

which is always going to come from a little extra effort, of you, as a student. So you want to have a more personalized experience.

However, at Richland professors make it so easy. They have a policy where when they have their door open, you're welcome to come into their office -- anytime!

So you can walk through the science corner, and all of their offices, and you see doors open all the time, so you know that there's going to be help for you, so that makes the whole experience a lot better,

because while you're taking a class, like you're taking it with somebody that you know... and that person knows you... it makes it a lot easier. It makes it a lot easier because you kind of have that connection right there.