Biology Resource Center

The BRC is available to enrolled Brookhaven biology, anthropology, medical terminology and chemistry students — those in BIOL, SCIT, CHEM, ANTH and MDCA courses.

You must sign in upon entering and sign out upon leaving. Considerate behavior is expected. You will be asked to leave if you disturb others or damage materials.

Free tutoring

Tutors are available at scheduled times for drop-in, group tutoring — no appointment needed. The role of the tutor is to point you in the right direction for independent study so that you can be successful in your biology course.

Many of our tutors are CRLA certified.

Bring your books. We do not have books for you to use.

You may use the BRC to access the materials for any course even if you are not seeing the tutor.

All tutoring in the BRC is free. Paid tutoring is not allowed in our facility.

For further information, email

Study resources

The BRC sets up practice exams for anatomy and physiology and biology classes. Check with our staff to see which practice exams are available.

We have a variety of study resources available including anatomical models, biology models, microscopes and slides, flash cards, alternate text books and key books.

Textbook and study skills help

We will help you get the most out of your textbook, with reading and note-taking skills and with time-management and organizational skills. If you have trouble with test taking, we can help you with that too. Stop on by.

Success in biology courses is more than knowing the course content. We can help you develop the skills that you will need to achieve your goals.