David Raef

Automotive Instructor
General Motors Training Center

“After high school, I began a career as an automotive technician with no formal training. After seven years of working in various independent shops, my skills had definitely improved, but I realized that without some type of formal training, I would never fully understand everything I needed to become a highly-skilled technician.

“Upon reviewing the GM-ASEP program, I decided that it was the way to go. I couldn’t have been any more correct. The two-year program was probably the best career decision I have made. It was an amazing experience and some of the most informative training that I could have possibly received. I was sponsored by a local dealership, where I continued to work for about four years after graduation. The training I received had, without a doubt, turned me into the highly skilled technician that I always wanted to be and even sharpened diagnostic skills that I never knew I had.

“My college experience also taught me to think for myself and to become more resourceful. Receiving my associate degree also opened doors that I had not initially imagined. I now have a career that I enjoy and have promise for the future.” 

David Raef earned an Associate in Applied Sciences degree as a Service Technician in Automotive Technology. He trains GM dealership technicians in diagnosing and working on new vehicles and specific vehicle systems. He is a GM World Class Technician and ASE Master Automotive Technician and has received the Mr. Goodwrench Leadership Award.