Alonzo L. Adams

Self-Employed Mechanic 

Adjunct Automotive Technology Faculty
Cedar Valley

“I was eager to learn, and the Diesel program really excited me. The more I learned, the more I realize it’s not so hard. All of my instructors have been knowledgeable; any questions I had for them, they were pretty much able to answer everything. These are great courses if you want to work on diesel engines.

“I really liked disassembling the diesel motors and comparing them to regular engines, the teardown and rebuilding — really, all the hands-on experience. The best thing about the program has been the knowledge I’ve gotten and also the self-worth behind it.

“If this is a job you want to do and you end up liking it, the instruction will make you eager to do and learn more. My advice to someone thinking about starting out in this field? Don’t procrastinate: just get into it, and your education will make you want to keep going. Go ahead and just jump into it.”

Alonzo Adams is working on both an associate degree in Automotive Technology and a Diesel and Heavy Equipment certificate at Cedar Valley​. A self-employed mechanic, he also teaches classes in Automotive Technology as an adjunct faculty member for the college’s Dual Credit program with area high schools.