Marcus Godinez

Collision Technician
Classic BMW,
Adjunct Instructor

“I’ve been working on cars since I was 15 years old. While I was a student at another community college, I found out about Eastfield’s Auto Body program and transferred. I really enjoyed my classes at Eastfield — they were just so much fun.

“I already knew a lot about working on cars because I’ve done it for so long, but there was a lot of technical information I was lacking that I got in Eastfield’s program — things like suspension geometry and the different types of car body construction. They were able to fill in a lot of the technical gaps that I needed to close to really excel in my job.

“I recommend Eastfield’s program to anybody in the area who wants to work in auto body for a living. It’s an excellent springboard to other programs, so much more than just a technical school. I always push people to go ahead and get their associate degree; they may need it in the future to go on to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

“In my career field, there aren’t many guys who have an associate degree in Auto Body like I do. It most definitely gives me an edge.”

Marcus Godinez has held his current job as collision technician for Classic BMW for the past seven years. He takes automobile bodies apart after collisions and helps to write up damages for insurance companies. He earned an associate degree in Auto Body Technology from Eastfield ​in 1998.