Beth Leverman


Vespa and Classic Car Owner

“Taking Auto Body classes at Eastfield has nothing to do with my job. I purchased a vintage Vespa scooter on eBay and had it painted, but the first painter did an awful job. The second one did a great job, and he told me that he had taken classes at Eastfield and that I should check it out.

“Now, three years later, I’m still loving everything I’m learning. My project over the past few years has been a 1966 Mustang rust bucket that I almost have finished. Just one more semester and it should be completely painted!

“A lot of my friends ask me why I’m taking auto body classes. Sometimes the night and weekend classes have interfered with my social life, and my friends think I’m crazy, but when they see my awesome Mustang that I painted myself, they won't think I’m so crazy!

“Eastfield has a really great program that I would recommend to anyone, whether for a hobby or a career choice. I can’t say enough about Eastfield’s Auto Body instructors. They’re all so easygoing and nice; each one has a different way of teaching that just works.

“It’s true that there are usually only a few women in my classes, but I’m not intimidated at all. The instructors treat me just like everyone else and expect the same thing from me as the guys. That makes me feel comfortable.”