Anthropology at Brookhaven

​Taking anthropology classes at Brookhaven is an affordable way to get started on a path to a brighter future. Whether you’re taking classes to transfer to a four-year college or university, or for personal enrichment, our curriculum will give you the foundational skills you need.

Anthropology is the study of humankind in all times and places. Delve into the world of both ancient and living people and creatures in Brookhaven’s Anthropology Department. You’ll learn about human origins, excavating fossils, societal interactions and long-past cultures. There are four subfields of Anthropology and some consider there to be five subfields.

Physical or Biological Anthropology

This field studies humans as a biological species. It seeks to understand human variation, adaptation and change, evolution and genetics. Careers in physical anthropology include physician, psychologist, genetic counselor, health science administrator, coroner/medical examiner, public health educator/administrator, forensic anthropologist and medical anthropologist.

Linguistic Anthropology

This field studies human communication and language. Linguistics tries to preserve languages in danger of disappearing and studies how and why languages change over time. Careers in linguistic anthropology include communication specialist, translator, technical writer and scientific linguist.


Archaeology studies the lifeways of past cultures by examining the material remains that people of the past have left behind. At Brookhaven we are fortunate that there is a great deal of unused land. Every semester students taking archaeology participate in working on a dig site. Careers in archaeology include museum curator/director, environmental impact assessment researcher, cultural artifact specialist, historical society director and cultural resource manager.

Cultural Anthropology

Cultural anthropology examines the world of everyday experiences to discover the patterns and meanings in societies and studies how societies are different and how they are similar. Careers in cultural anthropology include genealogist, librarian, archivist, lobbyist, media planner, immigration worker, international relations, human resources, government agency administrator and cultural affairs specialist.

Applied Anthropology

Applied anthropology is considered by some to be the fifth subfield of anthropology. Applied anthropology uses the skills and knowledge acquired in the study of traditional anthropology to identify and solve specific problems. Careers include market research, school counselor, community development, public relations, social services and government policy analyst.

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