Church Security

​Help your faith-based organization make safety preparations.

Church Security Program at a Glance

16hours to earn this certificate
$70cost to earn this certificate

Cedar Valley Police, in collaboration with Cedar Valley Continuing Education, have launched a series of training classes specifically designed to assist faith-based organizations in addressing and managing the challenges of safety within churches, sanctuaries and houses of worship. The training is made up of two full-day seminars and involves professional counselors, law enforcement commanders, safety security experts, marketing managers and clergy. It will give you the full scope of the challenges everyone involved will face.

Areas of concentration include:

  • Stressing how lack of preparation can impact a congregation for generations to come
  • Reviewing the current safety environment
  • Providing key information and strategies for a comprehensive safety management plan

The training facilitators are also available for o​n-site inspections and safety plan development.

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Looking to earn more? An interest in church security can start you on the path to a great career in law and pubic safety.​