DCCCD Street Team

Meet DCCCD’s biggest fans and advocates: The DCCCD Street Team! 

The DCCCD Street Team is made up of outstanding student leaders from across the colleges of DCCCD – each passionate and outspoken. Their mantra: college is for everyone. 

Spreading their message, the DCCCD Street Team speaks with prospective students, current students and the community. They chat with the community in classrooms, at concerts, in checkout lines … any location can fuel conversation! But wherever they go, the Street Team goes to help. They know that better education means a better life, for college students and their families. 

Serving as a Team 

Together, the Street Team represents the unity and diversity at DCCCD through personal drive and determination, positive teamwork and (most importantly) servant leadership. 

As a Street Team member, students have opportunities to: 

  • Earn college credit through service learning with Street Team
  • Advance leadership skills 
  • Network with community leaders 
  • Refine public speaking and communication skills 
  • Gain personal enrichment
  • Develop a professional network
  • Acquire marketing and public relations experience (and resumé build)
  • Interact with DCCCD leadership such as the Chancellor, Dr. Joe May 

Students selected to serve on the Street Team represents DCCCD during: 

  • Community activities 
  • Special campus events 
  • Official District functions 
  • Outreach events 
  • Concerts 
  • Radio station remotes 
  • And car shows, to name a few 

*Note: the above lists are not comprehensive, but a small sample of team activities. 

Join the Street Team

​Interested in joining Street Team? Currently enrolled student leaders with at least a 2.5 grade point average can apply to represent their college on the DCCCD Street Team.

Complete the DCCCD Street Team application for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

Contact the Street Team 

For more information (like joining, hosting, or high-fiving the team!) contact Marielle McGregor, the Street Team’s fearless leader and Outreach's Senior Manager, Special Projects. You can email Marielle at mmcgregor@dcccd.edu.