DCCCD Outreach Contacts

If you need information that isn’t available through our High School Counselors page, please feel free to contact a member of our district or college outreach staff:

District Outreach — Molly Bewley, mbewley@dcccd.edu

Dallas Colleges Online — Angela Auzenne, aauzenne@dcccd.edu

Brookhaven College — Andrew Deibert, adeibert@dcccd.edu

Cedar Valley College — Fidel Guevara, fguevara@dcccd.edu

Eastfield College — Marlonda Taylor, marlondataylor@dcccd.edu  

El Centro College — Sandra Mitchell, sandra.mitchell@dcccd.edu  

Mountain View College — Glenda Garrett, ghall@dcccd.edu  

North Lake College — Lesly Castillo, lcastillo@dcccd.edu

Richland College — Jean Carter, jcarter@dcccd.edu