Legislative Update: March 22, 2019

Get the latest news for Texas' 86th legislative session.

Texas Capitol building in Austin.
March 22, 2019
Vol. 7, Issue 10

This Edition

  • March Madness
  • Important Issues
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March Madness

Sweat. Tears. Going late into the night. Fouls are called, although no technical fouls yet. Madness is upon us in more ways than one. Yes, we have the tournament that every year costs employers' dollars and causes work productivity to go down. You know who you are (I’m raising my hand). OK, focus.

The other "March Madness" is happening under the pink dome in Austin. In the last legislative update — pre-spring break — we discussed the stalled property tax bill and a lack of movement with other pieces of legislation.

Because some of us are still on a mental spring break, I’ll keep it brief.

  • Property Tax Bill:
    • SB 2 is still in limbo.
    • HB 2 is still in committee.
  • General Appropriations, aka the state budget:
    • SB 1 is scheduled for a hearing, after a previous one was cancelled.
    • HB 1 is heading to the floor.
  • School Finance: 
    • SB 4 is still in committee.
    • HB 3 is out of committee.

OK, now for a water break. 

Important Issues

When we visit with House and Senate members, Chancellor Joe May and DCCCD staffers have one primary goal: to advocate for our students and colleges on issues of importance. A few of those issues include:

  • Funding for community colleges
  • Funding for Small Business Development Centers
  • A student’s right to transfer
  • Workforce development
  • Local control

Throughout the session, we will track these issues and bills that affect DCCCD as they make their way through the legislative process. We also will share more details about the issues listed above. As always, please feel free to contact our office with any questions. You can now email us at GovtAffairs@dcccd.edu (We apologize; previous editions listed an incorrect email address.).

#TXLege Download

Got sunburned? Maybe still have a suitcase full of clothes? It’s time to shake off the sand and put spring break behind you. Good news: Spring is officially here. Bad news: It will probably rain soon. More good news: If it’s raining, you can take a break and read all the good (or bad, if you are pessimistic) stuff and read your favorite headlines because it’s time for the #TXLege Download. (You know the disclaimer.)

Around Waterloo

The Beltway and Beyond

Finis ...

Are you tracking certain bills? Or interested in an issue and want to share your opinion with your state legislator? Your Legislative Update team attempts to provide updates with a light-hearted twist. However, we cannot cover all of the bills and issues that impact us or may interest you. Here are a few helpful links:

  • Texas Legislature Online: You can search for specific bills or do a word search. You can also find out when a committee will meet and what bills will be heard. This link also provides contact information for your state elected official.
  • Who Represents Me? Simply insert your address and find out who represents you. The search will provide your federal and state officials.