Apply & Register

The colleges of DCCCD offer you a great value: quality instruction, seven locations in Dallas County plus online classes, and a cost of only $177 per three-hour credit course for residents of Texas who reside in Dallas County. (Interested in signing up for noncredit classes to improve your job skills or for personal enrichment? Please see our Continuing Education Registration page.)

Note: The process of enrollment may be different at each college.

Apply to be admitted to the college of your choice.

New-to-college students must complete an application for admission. Applying early is a good idea. You may need to turn in proof of bacterial meningitis vaccination as part of your admissions process. Note: If you are an international student, please visit the International Student Admission page for more information or to contact us with questions.

Participate in an orientation session.

After you're admitted to the college, you should plan to attend an orientation session. Contact the Advising/Counseling Center at your college to schedule a session.

Determine if you meet Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements.

Before registering for your first credit course, you must meet the requirements of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI). This includes a pre-assessment activity and assessment testing.

See an academic advisor.

Schedule a visit with an academic advisor to select your courses.

Register for classes.

There are two ways to register. Any accepted student who has completed the application and advising process may register for the coming semester. Get information about upcoming registration dates.

Pay for your classes.

Find out when to pay and where to pay. Remember, financial aid and payment plans are available.


Still in high school? Dallas County Community College District offers a number of programs designed to help high school students get on the fast track to a college education. Explore these programs to find one that fits your goals and interests.