Summer Transfer Students

​​​​​​​​​​​Keep learning this summer with classes at Dallas College

​Are you a student at a four-year college or university? If you’ll be home for the summer in the Dallas area, you can save money and get the same high-quality education by taking a class or two at a Dallas College campus, then transferring the credit back to your home college.

Tip: If you’re just taking a class or two in the summer, you might not think of yourself as a “transfer student.” But keep in mind the process you’ll follow to register will be the same one used by a student transferring here on a more permanent basis.

Visit our How to Enroll page for transfer students. It explains the reasons behind the requirements and gives detailed information on the steps you’ll need to take.

And here’s a checklist with tips just for summer transfer students:

  1. Request official transcripts from all other colleges and universities.

    Tip: Yes, we will need new, updated transcripts, even if you submitted transcripts to us in the past. 

  2. Send us the scores from any assessment tests you have taken (SAT, ACT, etc.) if they are not included on your college transcripts.
  3. Apply for admission.

    Tip: Even if you have taken classes at a Dallas College campus before, you will need to complete the entire application for admission again. Anyone who has not been a student here for a year or more has to reapply because of residency requirements.

  4. Find the courses you want to take.
  5. Reg​ister.

    Tip: Your parents can register for you by proxy. Please contact the Admissions/Registrar’s Office at the campus you want to attend for information on proxy registration.